response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Well, I Never….”Well I Never     ” . Well of course I did. We fit 6 people inside a Mini along with 4 crates of beer, creates not slabs , that’s 4 Dozen Long necks. We then took a short cut through the local park. Drove through the long jump and between the goal posts and out the gate. We weren’t drinking,but wanted to soon. It was a hot summers day on Saturday.            Okay it was the 70’s, a much different time to now. Things were much simpler back then, you made your own fun and did things. Well I Never would do it again or recommend anyone else do it, but I am glad I did it.


1st blog on this site.

I come from a long line of Sharman ‘ s and as such may view the world differently from others.

In a fast moving world have we turned into a disposable society? We see fast food containers,plastic bags and discarded goods, used and tossed aside. Some of us recycle and reuse when we can,even joining in clean up day’s/group. Then there are those who don’t give a thought about their consumerism and impact on the world around them. Are you aware of your actions?                                        Here are a few tips to reduce your impact on the world around us.                                           1.Do I need it?                                                     2.Is there a better choice available?                3 . Can I reuse or recycle it ?                   4What is the best way to dispose of it?

As a bi-product you may find yourself saving money.

Add your favorite tips or comments even  ask a question. I am new to blogging and not very technology oriented. I am learning as I go. I checked the preview and it looks different from how I set it out . I don’t know how to correct it , so here it is, as is ☺    I wish you all well.